A Presentation with Gordon Wilson

This talk will be a visual delight (filled with pictures of animals we filmed around the world) while I discuss why, where, and how we filmed “The Riot and the Dance”. I will show a teaser trailer (or two) and tell some exciting stories from our adventures overseas and even in this country. Lastly, I will talk about the TV series “The Riot and the Dance” that we plan to make and then open it up for questions. 

Chalk Talk Drawing Presentation

Illustrated with a chalk drawing, Harold Mally, together with his daughter, Sarah Hancock, will share lessons and perspectives as they look back on their homeschool years. They will challenge families to stay Christ-focused, to remember their ultimate goal in their education, to incorporate God’s Word into daily life, and to trust in God’s faithfulness and power. Harold will share the importance of the father’s role in homeschooling, and Sarah will share from a daughter’s perspective some of the things she appreciated most about her homeschool years. 


Compelled by Compassion Talk

As busy homeschooling families, it’s easy for us to drift away from walking in compassion— toward those in our home, other fellow Christians, and even unbelievers. We will learn how to fight this harmful tendency and discover how to emulate the compassion of Christ. 

 “We will learn how to fight this harmful tendency, how to be at peace with families who make different educational choices, how to avoid being condescending toward those who employ different parenting styles, how to draw near with the gospel to unbelievers whose sins grieve us, and how to emulate Jesus—the One who looked out on the multitudes and was moved with compassion.”

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Gordon Wilson

The Riot and The Dance

Sarah (Mally) Hancock

Bright Lights Ministries

Harold Hancock

Tomorrow’s Forefathers Ministries

Emeal (E.Z.) Zwayne

Living Waters

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