Back by popular demand – Live and in-person – It’s the (Shhhhhhhhhh…) Christian Heritage Silent Auction!


The 2022 Christian Heritage Family Discipleship & Homeschooling Conference is back, live and in person, and the Silent Auction is back too!  In past years, we raised over $50,000 to make an impact on eternity by helping equip parents to fulfill their greatest calling in life – making disciples of Jesus Christ, one child at a time.


Christian Heritage has been impacting the region since 2005 by providing educational, discipleship, legal, and learning resources to families.  We pray that you consider being a part of this magnificent event, either by donating a product and/or service or by participating in the bidding process at the conference.  Together we all can make a difference!

Can I Donate?

ABSOLUTELY!  Thanks for moving forward to donate your product and/or service for this great cause.  The opportunity to equip parents in this day and age is priceless.  This year, the Christian Heritage Family Discipleship & Homeschooling Conference will be taking place June 3-4, 2022, at the Washington State Fairgrounds.  Below are the general instructions on how you can register your donation and where to ship.

To register your donation, please click on this link.  Once complete, you can ship your donation via FedEx, UPS, or USPS to:

Christian Heritage

c/o John Love

26640 190th Ave SE

Covington, WA 98042

Note:  For those donating certificates, or planning to deliver donations to the conference personally, please send notification via email to

All donations need to be registered and shipped no later than May 4, 2022.  A donation registered by April 20, 2022, qualifies you for an advertising bonus:

  • Donations valued between $250-$499 qualify for an eighth-page ad in the conference program
  • Donations valued between $500-$749 qualify for a quarter-page ad in the conference program
  • Donations valued between $750-$999 qualify for a half-page ad in the conference program
  • Donations valued $1000 or more qualify for a full-page ad in the conference program

Remember:  To qualify for the ad bonus you need your donation registered AND your ad submitted in the correct ad specification no later than April 20, 2022.

Additional Bonuses:

  • Your business website link will be sent to our entire email list of over 5,000 subscribers
  • Your business name and website link will be listed on the Christian Heritage Silent Auction page giving conference attendees another avenue to access your business
  • Table space for your donated item, business cards, and other promotional materials

Spread The Word!

We need your help to get the word out and allow as many businesses to participate as possible.  We are offering an opportunity to be a part of this grand event and make a substantial impact to this worthy mission while blessing their business at the same time.  Some of the benefits received by donating to the Silent Auction are:

  • Expand their reach to more than 3000 conference attendees!
  • Increase top-of-mind awareness for their business throughout the Pacific Northwest
  • Maximize their time and resources by being a part of this well-established event
  • Share a perfect platform to spotlight their new products or introduce their services
  • And most importantly, support, and equip homeschool families to raise up salt and light in Washington State and beyond.


To get started just send them copies of the following introduction and instruction letters OR simply give the link to this website.  It’s that simple!

How to Bid!

Conference attendees will receive one family bidding number with their conference registration.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Bidders will write their initials, bid number, and bid amount on the provided bid sheet.
  • You can bid as often as you like and on as many items as you like, until bidding closes.
  • Bidding will close at the end of the lunch hour on Saturday.
  • The highest bidder will be awarded the item!
  • Payment and item pick up is during the afternoon break.  Debit or Credit Card payments preferred.
  • If the item hasn’t been picked up by the designated time, it will be forfeited and the next bidder will be contacted.
  • Conference admission is required to bid.  You must be present to win.

What's Up for Bid!

Click the button below to learn more and and see what is up for bid at the

2022 Christian Heritage Family Discipleship and Homeschooling Conference.


Contact our 2022 Silent Auction Director at the Email Address Below: