Various Educational ``Scope & Sequence Plans``

“Scope and Sequence Plans”

These are lists of courses and schedules for when they’re taught in conventional schools. They’re not a blueprint for homeschooling, but can be a resource to help you think through the schooling process.

Homeschooling parents often benefit from studying the scope & sequence plans used by more traditional school formats. These can help them plan what to teach and when for their own children and helps to make sure they cover everything necessary.

However, it is important to realize that homeschooling affords more flexibility in both scope and sequence than is possible with conventional schools. Some content can be taught well in informal or everyday life settings rather than as a school subject. Some subjects/courses can be taught well in a multi-level setting rather than teaching the material to each child individually. And some courses can be integrated and taught as a whole, rather than in separate compartments (i.e., history, geography, government; or writing, grammar, & spelling)

Please use these lists as resources only, not as templates. And be creative and resourceful in creating an educational plan that fits YOUR family.

The following lists were recommended by The Teaching Home Magazine in their Spring 2007 e-mail newsletter:

Some Recommended Homeschool Bookstore/Resource Companies

The following are a just a few of the excellent companies that provide a wide range of books, curriculum, and other valuable resources for homeschooling families. Use your internet search engine to locate their website addresses.

Exceptional Curriculum Resources

Biology 101: A great introductory biology course based on the Days of Creation on DVD with study manual and tests by Wes Olson. Very interesting and intriguing. The whole family can benefit! Older ones can take notes and use the study materials. All the younger ones can just watch …and watch …and watch!