*Meets the WA State Homeschool Law Requirement!

Investigating or beginning homeschooling? Want to re-evaluate, refresh, and tune up your approach? Or need to meet Washington state requirements? This 8-hour, completely online video course is for you — and it meets the WA State requirements for a Parent Qualifying Course!

Why Take a Parent Qualifying Course (PQC)?

According to the Washington State Home-based Instruction Law, parents may homeschool their own children if:

  • One parent has 45 college quarter credits (or its equivalent, 30 semester credits),
  • Or if they are “supervised by a certificated person,”
  • Or if they are “deemed sufficiently qualified” by the local superintendant of schools
  • Or if they have completed a course in home-based education through “a post-secondary institution or vocational/technical institute.” (quotes from HSLDA Summary of WA Homeschool Law) Such courses are commonly called a “Parent Qualifying Courses.”

Christian Heritage offers this course to allow parents to fulfill the law with a valuable, encouraging, Bible-based course focus.

NOTE: While it may be helpful to do so, a PQC does NOT need to be completed before a parent begins home educating his or her child. The parent simply needs to be in the process of completing the course!

Choose Between the Parent Qualifying Course and the Start-to-Finish Seminar

You can either purchase the Parent Qualifying Course ($95) or the Homeschool Start-to-Finish Seminar ($45).

The two options include the same content, but only the PQC option includes homework and will meet the Washington State Law requirements. If you’re just looking for edification and encouragement in your homeschool journey, and you meet the Washington State Law requirements, our StF Seminar is a great fit! If both parents would like to receive a certificate by completing the PQC, you can add a certificate on when you register for an additional $50.

The PQC option requires one or both parents to:

  • Participate in/watch the entire “Homeschooling Start to Finish” Seminar.
  • Read and write a brief summary of one book of your choice from our PQC Reading List.
  • Write brief summaries of A) specified materials in our HStF handouts and B) certain portions of the HStF seminar.
  • Complete assignment descriptions and instructions are included in the HStF/PQC Handout Packet.
  • For PQC certification, all assignments must be submitted to the instructors within 2 months of the online course registration date.

PQC Certificates are issued by a sponsoring college and will be sent upon successful completion of the course.

The Homeschool Start-to-Finish Seminar option allows one or both parents to:

  • Attend/watch the seminar.
  • Receive a the handout packet.
  • Have no course requirements and receive no certificate of completion.

Both options include 8 hours of video instruction with permanent video downloads AND downloadable handouts. Handouts may be duplicated, in their entirety, for group viewing; video may not be duplicated and given to others for any reason. Video and handouts © Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington.

Course Overview

From Start...

  • What homeschooling IS and IS NOT both biblically and legally
  • Determining foundational biblical and personal criteria for YOUR homeschooling decisions
  • Where to start and when with children of different ages
  • Overview of education approaches and curricula options
  • Hopping over homeschool hurdles
  • Biblical family relationships and child training — Part 1
  • Keeping going by keeping God’s focus … and more

...To Finish!

  • Fresh and doable curriculum/educational options for upper grades
  • Getting it all in with a workable plan for YOUR family
  • Biblical family relationships and child training – Part 2
  • Inspiring your children to love learning
  • Teaching practical skills
  • Testing and record keeping options
  • Preparing your child for adulthood
  • Creative ways to augment your homeschool program
  • Finishing well for God’s glory… and more!

Why Do We Offer These Courses?

  • Numerous prospective and current homeschooling parents have had little discipleship themselves—especially pertaining to the “start to finish” home-based education and discipleship of their children.
  • Others, who were discipled well, find they now need to think thoroughly and systematically through the many options and decisions to be made as they pursue discipling and educating their own precious ones.
  • In addition, numbers of well-experienced homeschooling parents feel they need a refreshing boost and renewed inspiration to move beyond their current status and to finish well.
  • And finally, many Christian homeschooling parents lack the Parent Qualifying Certification specified in the WA State Home-Based Instruction Law when neither parent has 45 quarter credit hours from a post-secondary educational institution. And these parents are seeking a PQC that is firmly grounded in God’s Word and with the primary goal of training their children for God’s glory.

Meet Our Instructors!

Susan Bradrick

Michael & Susan Bradrick, of Montesano, WA, are blessed to be the parents of nine children, ages 24-43, and the grandparents of 37—all of whom are being home educated. The family began their homeschooling adventure in 1981 and have spoken together at many homeschool groups and conferences nationwide. The Bradricks are founders and directors of Family Discipleship Ministries and co-founders of Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington. Susan, a former public school English teacher, authored the multi-level, Christ-centered English and composition curriculum Understanding Writing.

Mary Craig

In 1982, Neil and Mary Craig began homeschooling their five children who now range in age from 26-37. They are co-founders and board members of Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington where Neil serves as President/Executive Director. Mary has been a workshop speaker at several of the annual conferences and is sought out by many mothers who are looking for instruction in child training. The Craig family worked with Russian orphans for seven years, living in Moscow, Russia and Indianapolis, Indiana. Music continues to be an important part of their lives and ministry. The Craigs currently reside in Spokane, Washington.