CHN, Washington Christian Homeschooling Legislative Liaison Organization

CHN, (Christian Homeschool Network,) has been a statewide grass-roots organization dedicated to protecting the God given right of parents to homeschool their children in Washington State without government interference.

Currently, CHN has had to suspend it’s services for lack of a dedicated legislative liaison to keep Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington  and or Home School Legal Defense Association informed.

Please pray with us that this important position can be filled to allow them to once again  provide information to the legislature, government agencies and homeschool families, on: current homeschool laws; any proposed legislation before the state legislature and Congress that could impact our homeschools; current controversial issues and how they effect homeschool regulations and freedoms.

It is paramount that homeschool families keep a strong presence in our government and are adequately represented in the ongoing discussions of homeschooling rights.

Please CONTACT US if you feel lead to volunteer in this important work!

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

HSLDA is your best resource (next to vigilant prayer, of course) for protecting your family from harassment and intrusion due to homeschooling. We recommend that all homeschoolers join HSLDA now and renew annually. Your membership not only affords you legal help and counsel if you need it, it helps others who are in need of this vital ministry.

In addition, HSLDA offers through its website a large number of varied resources. Some are available to anyone, and some are only available to members.

Beyond HSLDA:

If you need legal assistance pertaining to homeschooling & other family issues, the following may be of help in finding reliable, Christian legal help: