We are excited for this year’s powerful lineup of great keynote speakers!

You will not want to miss the 2021 Christian Heritage Digital Conference!

Dr. Carlton McLeod


Dr. Carlton McLeod is a native of Columbia, SC and grew up in Upper Marlboro, MD. In 1997, beginning in their living room, he and his wife Donna began meeting with a small group of people. The LORD has been faithful over the years to add to the church both members and maturity, provide a property to meet debt-free, and cause community and regional fruitfulness for His own glory. Carlton has always desired to strengthen the family. After spending his early years experiencing the suspect fruit of pragmatism, he learned that Scripture is Sufficient! The Lord led him back to the Bible to see the critical need for constant, Spirit-led biblical family discipleship. TheD6Reformation.org was created out of this desire to help families! He is the author of several books to include The Playbook: Five Strategic Plays to Restore the Prophetic Voice of the Church in America, A Return to Head Covering: A Needed Symbol in the Contemporary Church, and Building a Financial House: Giving, Saving, Spending, and Investing based upon the Rock of God’s Word. Carlton and his wife home educate their three children in Chesapeake, Virginia where they have lived since 1994.

Rick Green


Rick Green is a former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author, and radio host. Rick and his family travel the nation speaking on America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage. Rick and David Barton co-host the national daily radio program, WallBuilders Live! Rick is the author and executive producer of Constitution Alive, America’s most engaging and entertaining study of the U.S. Constitution. Rick and his wife, Kara, founded Patriot Academy, an elite leadership training program specializing in applied civics with a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional Foundation. Through their Constitution Coach program, they are training and empowering adults across the nation to educate their communities about the Constitution. Rick and Kara have 4 older kids and two grandchildren. They have homeschooled for 18 years. The Green Family is here to challenge each of us to do our part in preserving and passing the torch of freedom by living out our liberty as the founding fathers envisioned.

A discussion of the importance of the household and an exposition of Matthew 7:24-27. Two propositions are given:

Proposition 1: Every part of our lives is stronger and healthier when built on the Rock of Christ

Proposition 2: Family is no different. No matter how a household looks on the outside, or what it achieves from a worldly perspective, true biblical health can only be found in Jesus!

Also, seven principles of Christ-based health, essential for every godly household, are offered.

This message encouraged families to prayerful work out their unique purpose, follow the head of the household in its pursuit, stay connected to the local church, build household wealth, and pursue multi-generational faithfulness.

Essential to the healthy functioning of every Christian household is an understanding of what Scripture says concerning roles and responsibilities. In this message, seven principles are offered to ensure this happens.

Preached on Mother’s Day, this message discusses how a Biblically-healthy household honors and treats wives and mothers. Seven principles on how she is to be viewed are offered.

This message attempts to encourage the ungirding godly families with faith-strengthening practices: family prayer and worship, memorizing Scripture, walking in integrity, building a biblical worldview, pursuing personal holiness, repenting and forgiving quickly, and using words in a kind and honorable way.

What does the 2nd Amendment really mean to your family? Most important, how do you practically live out your rights & defend your family? Is it Biblical to use force to stop violence against your loved ones? Rick & his family will share the history of the 2nd Amendment and how they, as a family, have enjoyed learning together how to defend themselves and others. You will learn how to intellectually defend the Constitution, but also get some practical and powerful tips on the actual, physical defense of your family.

With passion and humor, Rick outlines the timeless principles of liberty which allowed America to become the most successful nation in history; not perfect, not infallible, and certainly not indestructible, but something exceptional and extraordinary… truly unique in all of history. Rick and his kids will share powerful stories and principles from Legends of Liberty throughout history and then leave the audience with specific action steps for applying those principles to our personal and family lives while preserving them for future generations.

Are Quarantines & other Covid restrictions Constitutional? In this presentation, Rick answers the questions raised as we are living out what seems like a dystopian novel. How far can the government restrict your movements, your church gatherings, and your ability to work? What criteria must be met for a public health emergency to trigger the things we are seeing across the Nation? Where do you go for due process if government overreaches it’s constitutional authority? What can we do to restore rational, scientific, constitutional responses to this and future situations?

In this powerfully moving presentation, Rick Green and his four children use the stories of great world-changers to inspire each of us to discover our passion, plan our purpose, and execute our plan. With just a little sacrifice on our part, we can preserve liberty for future generations by living out our freedom with purpose and passion.