Welcome, in advance, to the Christian Heritage 2021 Digital Conference! We’re glad that you and your family are planning to join us and many other homeschooling families digitally March 19th-20th, 2021.

Here are some resources that we hope are a blessing to you and help prepare you for your digital conference experience.

Before you begin preparing...

  • If you’re considering watching the conference with those in other households, please review the guidelines for your county at www.coronavirus.wa.gov.
  • Read through this guide for some helpful tips! We appreciate that you have the desire to share our event with other homeschooling families.

Before the conference…

  • Please ensure that all families attending have had opportunity to register for the conference. We would seriously request that all those from one household register for the digital conference and show their receipt of their registration to gain entrance to the showing. This request enables CH to continue to be funded to responsibly pay for digital conference expenses and provide the means to prepare for other future CH events!
  • Determine the locations for each of the workshops and gather tools (laptops, tablets, speakers, etc.) for each of the locations.
    • If you’re planning to watch more than one session during a time slot, you’ll need a separate device to view each session. You can use computers, tablets, phones, etc., provided that you have internet access via the device!
  • Check internet speed to ensure sufficient bandwidth to watch one video or several at a time. Simply Google “internet speed check” to see what speeds you have access to at your location and decide accordingly how many devices can be used. We recommend having at least 5 Mbps download speed per video that you’d like to watch.
  • Suggest to families that they do the following:
    • Bring their own bagged lunches for a time of relaxed fellowship.
    • Bring quiet, sit-down activities for children to do during the sessions that are not geared towards them directly.
    • Read about the sessions and review the schedule and Pathways schedule on the Christian Heritage website to best plan what sessions each member of the family would like to attend.
    • Print out any handouts they anticipate wanting to use.

During the conference…

  • If families haven’t registered already, please provide them with a way to register prior to the event start. If they have any difficulty registering, please ask them to email contactus@christianheritagewa.org to let us know they attended! (No one will or should be turned away from attending due to not registering. It’s invaluable to CH, though, to have a record of how many families attend our events!)
  • Pray together before the start of the conference and before each of the keynote sessions.
  • Collect questions and contact CH to follow-up with answers.
  • Remind the attendees to fill out the conference survey that will be sent to their email account, and that they’ll receive an mp3 link of an additional session called Serving with Love and Loving to Serve, from Dennis Gundersen.
  • Enjoy the experience!


  • Please make an effort to reach out to us with ANY questions you have regarding the conference PRIOR to the event so that our team will have a chance to respond in a timely manner!
  • We are here to help and support all of the families attending the conference. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team – we look forward to talking with you!