Keynote Speakers

Dr. Rob Rienow


Dr. Rob Rienow’s most important ministry is loving his wife Amy and partnering with her to lead their seven children to love God.

He is the co-founder of Visionary Family Ministries (, a pastor, international conference speaker, and the author of several books including Visionary Parenting, Visionary Marriage, and Healing Family Relationships.

When Rob is not fishing for men, he enjoys fishing for fish. The Rienow family lives in West Chicago, IL.

Bryan Osborne


Bryan Osborne is passionate about reaching the lost with the gospel! As an expert in the use of exciting, apologetics-based evangelism and chronological Bible teaching, this former athlete connects with audiences through real-life stories and facts that confirm the truth of the Bible.

He now speaks at conferences and in churches for Answers in Genesis and is developing a blog designed to help parents and ministry leaders solve the growing epidemic of biblical illiteracy through the use of specially designed resources such as AiG’s Answers Bible Curriculum.

Bryan reports that he and his wife, Marla, have been blissfully married since 1998 and are enjoying the early years of child-rearing!

Every family struggles with sin, hurt, and conflict. The Christian family has to become an expert in giving and receiving forgiveness. Your mission to home disciple your children can be derailed by conflict and unforgiveness. This message separates the truths from the lies about what forgiveness is and how it works. You will come away with a gameplan to pursue greater peace in your home.  

Do you have a distinctively Christian vision for the sibling relationships in your family? Do you have a game plan to help your children build spiritual relationships with one another? This message walks through real-life siblings in the Bible to discover a fresh vision for how siblings can grow together in Christ. 

Nothing is more important for the Christian family than family worship. We know God wants us to pray and read God’s Word together at home, but it is not easy! Crazy schedules. Bad attitudes. This message is filled with biblical principles, encouragement, and practical steps to help your family grow in faith together.  

Does your teen struggle with anger, bitterness, or holding grudges? Does your son or daughter have a pattern of chaotic relationships? You can help! At this seminar with Dr. Rob Rienow, we will explore essential Scriptures and practical ways we can encourage our teens to experience the forgiveness of God and freedom from anger.  

A workshop focused on equipping fathers to build “heart connected” relationships with their kids, in order to help them build “heart connected” relationships with God. 

What is happening in America?  Even though there are more Christian resources, ministries, and schools in America today than ever before, it only takes a brief look at our culture to see that it is becoming less “Christian” every day.  And it’s not just America; the entire Western world is experiencing the dramatic erosion of the biblical worldview.  Why is this happening, how is it related to the compromise of Genesis, and as Christians how do we respond? What is the relevance of Genesis in today’s world? 

“How did Noah get all those animals onto the ark? Where did the water for the flood come from and go? Did the waters really cover the entire earth? Is there evidence of a global flood?” These are just some of the popular questions used today to attack the Bible’s history and thus its authority. But if we start with God’s Word, these questions are easily answered and provide a great opportunity to share the Gospel!  

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is everywhere in our culture today. In the headlines, news shows, corporations, military, government, universities, schools, and even many churches. What is it, where does it come from, and is it truly a “helpful analytical tool” for society as some Christians are suggesting? In this talk we’ll answer all these questions and clear the confusion by defining the popular cultural terms and phrases being used to advance this ideology under the banner of reconciliation. As we will see, far from being a tool of reconciliation, CRT it is a racist ideology and a device designed for division and destruction.


The collapse of the Christian worldview in America and the West is happening, to the utter shock of Christians. Why? We’ve been blind to the enemy’s stealth attack on biblical history and authority, which has led multiple generations to abandon God’s Word as their foundation. As a result, many today have embraced secular views on everything from origins to morality and the culture at large has felt embolden to unapologetically push a secular worldview and agenda.  

 When our culture asks the questions dealt with in this presentation — and our kids parrot these questions and ideas heard from schools, libraries, movies, books, music, YouTube, social media, etc. — it must be remembered they’re not innocent, unintentional questions. They stem fundamentally from a rejection of biblical authority. This session provides answers for some of the toughest questions of the day regarding: marriage, sexuality, the LGBTQ+ movement, abortion, equality, racism, social justice, climate change, etc.   

It’s imperative that Christians be ready to give answers to today’s questions! The purpose of this session is to equip believers with clear, concise biblical answers to effectively stand on God’s Word and boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ on the frontlines of today’s battle!  

Dinosaurs! Few things ignite our imagination the way these mysterious creatures do!  As a consequence, dinosaurs are one of the primary baits the secularist use to reel people, especially kids, into an evolutionary worldview. But what is the truth behind the fossils and legends?  When did dinosaurs actually roam the earth? Are they mentioned in the Bible?   

 II Corinthians 10:5 tells Christians to, “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”.  And when we do that, building all our thinking on the foundation of God’s Word, we have answers even about dinosaurs! Exposing the fallacies of evolutionary thinking and demonstrating how real evidence confirms the Bible again and again makes scripture come alive and provides a powerful avenue for the Gospel! 

Workshop Speakers