Featured Speakers

Zan Tyler

BJU Press

“My story is about the greatness and faithfulness of the Lord – and how He uses ordinary people to accomplish His extraordinary plans.”

Zan’s homeschool journey began in 1984 when homeschooling was illegal. The State Superintendent of Education threatened Zan with jail for not sending her children to the local public school. For the next eight years, she and other homeschool families battled for homeschool freedom and the establishment of landmark homeschool legislation in South Carolina.

As a young mom, Zan’s encounter with Noah’s ark (Hebrews 11) defined and empowered a 21-year homeschool journey. Lessons she learned kept her standing firm in times of fatigue, self-doubt, loneliness, and prosecution, and have amazing implications for homeschoolers today. Like Noah, we live in an age often hostile towards God. Zan shares seven principles for vision, energy, and staying power in these perilous times.

To infuse our children’s lives with motivation, not drag them from one lesson to the next—is that even possible? Mostly, we just try to keep on task in midst of math anxiety, sibling rivalry, laundry, and daily demands of life. Imagine: You lead your children through their day, they learn and grow exponentially, and you work to cultivate strengths and build faith. Not a dream—it IS possible! Zan shares four power-packed principles to raise mountain movers.

You’re totally in on this homeschool vision—building God’s kingdom from your kitchen table, investing in your children to see them impact the world for Jesus Christ one day. Let your children in on the big-picture plan! Cultivate understanding and passion in their hearts for the spirit-powered innovative education they are experiencing, and see the focus and energy your family has as you pursue the same vision together.

Having a daughter is a special gift from God. As mothers, we delight in them and take joy in our time together, but we get caught up in to-do lists and homeschooling demands, and forget to cherish one another. Join Zan as she shares ways to celebrate the mother-daughter bond and keep this relationship rich and vibrant. For moms and their daughters ages 12+. There is no extra cost for this special workshop.

Steve Demme

Demme Learning

Steve and his wife Sandra have been married since 1979. They have been blessed with four sons, three lovely daughters-in-law, and five special grandchildren. Their fourth son has Downs Syndrome and lives with them in Lititz, PA. Steve has served in full or part-time pastoral ministry for many years after graduating from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the creator of Math-U-See and the founder of Building Faith Families.

Make learning fun, memorable, and enjoyable. After many years as a teacher and youth leader, Steve had many more years as a homeschool dad. He shares strategies and tips, practiced and developed in his lifetime, that help kids learn.

Steve demonstrates (with manipulatives instead of mere symbols on paper) the central concepts of algebra: exponents, squares, square roots, negative numbers, basic operations with polynomials, problem solving, factoring trinomials, and graphing lines. Come and experience an “Aha!” moment!

This is a practical session on first, how to listen to what has been said, and second, how to follow up with good questions to understand the speaker. As families are together 24/7, interacting in a godly manner is very important. Learn how! Our job is to encourage and love, while God is the one who changes hearts.

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Luke 12:34) There are two components addressed in stewardship: our treasure and our heart. Faithful stewards are intentional about their relationship with God as well as wise stewards of our God-given time, talents, and treasure.

God designed a father to serve and lay his life down for his wife and children. Jesus was a loved son before He was a loving Savior. Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is essential to our relationships with the members of our family.

Daniel Craig


Daniel (with his wife Megan) is the host of the internationally-attended Homeschool Summits and has spoken at homeschool conferences around the country. Daniel wrote Kickstart as a plan for homeschooled students to think through life’s calling and launch successfully into adulthood. His passion is to encourage homeschool parents and young people to love and embrace Biblical discipleship. Daniel is a homeschool dad of 3 children.

Parents and students, there are problems with traditional higher education. Yet, few people realize that amazing benefits come from one-on-one mentor-driven education and that biblical discipleship can continue to the college years. Your student can launch into life NOW (a new paradigm for “higher education”) with clear vision, powerful mentoring relationships, and real-life application. Also hear practical tips to prepare for entrepreneurship.

“Joy to the world the Lord has come” is a wonderful thing to sing at Christmastime when everything seems joyous. But does this powerful truth set the tone of your home? Is your family characterized by gospel-powered joy flowing wherever the Kingdom of God takes root? For a little more joy in your home, take heart! “He comes to make his blessing flow”! Find seven habits of joy-filled families that crank the faucet of “joy in the Holy Spirit” wide open!

Hebrews 11:6 teaches that those who come to God must believe, first that HE IS and second, that He rewards those who diligently seek Him—to believe that He is who He reveals himself to be. How much do you know of this God, and how does this knowledge impact your life? How much have you experienced this Reward?

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!”—Father to Son. “I delight to do your will”—Son to Father. The ultimate father-son relationship is characterized by delighting, and seeking to delight. Does this characterize your father-son relationship? Drawing from the Word and his own experiences as a father and a son, Daniel paints a picture of delight that forges the strongest father-son bonds. There is no extra cost for this special workshop.

David Whitney

The American View

Pastor David Whitney graduated from Rutgers University as a Henry Rutgers Honors Scholar with Honors in History. He received his Masters’s Degree from Denver Seminary. He has pastored churches in New Jersey, Colorado, Florida, and Maryland for more than 40 years. He is currently the Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church of Bowie, Maryland.

In addition for more than 22 years, he has been teaching the Christian heritage and history of our country with the Institute on the Constitution where he serves as Senior Instructor. He is the Author of numerous Courses at the Institute as well Radio show host of ‘We the People the Constitution Matters’. His show can be heard on www.1180WFYL.com Friday 8 am live or anytime on the podcast. He speaks on Constitutional issues around the country, to civic, homeschool, and church groups. He conducts classes on the US Constitution, the Duty of the Jury, the History of America’s founding, the Sheriff and Citizen, Fundamental Principles of Freedom, and the Maryland Constitution (which by the way is the only course on the Maryland Constitution offered anywhere).

He has also been active in the pro-life cause and defending the family on the street as well as in the State Legislature. In 2006 he ran for State Delegate against the 3rd most powerful man in the Maryland State House. He has also run for County Council and for County Republican Central Committee. Though he did not win a seat, his message resonated with many as he called for a return to Constitutional government in the State of Maryland.

Dive into the religious beliefs of the framers and the philosophical worldview of the U.S. Constitution. Learn how to equip your child with a solid, biblical worldview of American law and government.

Is there a link between the Bible and what our founders crafted in the Constitution of these United States? Is it, as some people claim, a godless Constitution? Come discover for yourself the truth about our founding document. Walk away with clear, concise arguments to refute the godless Constitution myth being spread in our land.

Discover the factors leading to the Declaration of Independence and the formation of a new American government system by the people.

Unprecedented suffering in the church followed March 2020. As pastors and leaders, we need to understand the jurisdictional boundaries between the church and state established in the Word of God as well as by the founding documents of our country. With this understanding, we can protect the church of Jesus Christ in the days ahead from any form of usurpation that may come against us—from any direction, as well as from all levels of civil
government. There is no extra cost for this special workshop.

Workshop Speakers

Tauna Meyer

The Proverbial Homemaker

Tauna Meyer is the founder of ProverbialHomemaker.com and author of the curriculum Sound Words for Kids: Lessons in Theology. Tauna is a homeschooling mom of six who speaks to women with encouragement that is relatable and tools that work in real life! She has a passion for helping moms overcome the hurdles that keep them from homeschooling successfully, all while pointing themselves and their children to Christ. She and her husband, Aaron, also serve as leaders with OCEANetwork, the Oregon Christian homeschool organization that works to protect and expand homeschool freedoms in Oregon.

So, you’re not the Martha Stewart of homeschooling? No problem! You can do this. Get practical tips and encouragement to homeschool and thrive. You’ll learn how to deal with doubts and fears, stop the comparison trap, conquer the organization challenge, and get on top of your homeschooling days with confidence.

Always feel behind? Wonder how to get it all done? Find out about this simple and flexible tool and how you can incorporate it into your homemaking and homeschooling. In this in-depth workshop, Tauna guides you through several ideas and templates so you can start right away.

Homeschool moms are incredibly dedicated and hardworking. With all aspects of homeschool and family life to juggle, it’s no wonder we are sometimes stretched thin! But our marriages are worth the energy and effort to prioritize, even (especially) in the midst of busy family life. Avoid common pitfalls to help your marriage thrive now and into the future!

One of the biggest blessings of homeschooling is the time we are given to teach our children to know and love the Lord. Find tips and ideas for weaving a God-centered approach into all aspects of your homeschooling journey and family life!

Preschool and kindergarten are fun and wonder-filled times! But what do you teach? How do you get off to the best start? It’s easy to get overwhelmed or think we have to replicate public school. But there is great freedom in homeschooling, even for these early ages! Tauna, a mom of six, helps you navigate these precious early years with confidence and enjoy your time to teach the things that matter most.

Joel Thomas

Glen’s Gizmos

Joel has been teaching science since 2000.  He started traveling and teaching science as a Sophomore in High School, after graduating with a degree in education Joel taught for a period of time in a formal classroom setting, then moved outside to direct outdoor school programs on the Oregon Coast.  After nearly 10 years he started Glen’s Gizmos alongside his wife Roxanna and they have been blessed to travel and teach together. Recently they started the Glen’s Gizmos Homeschool Hubs in Castle Rock and Vancouver, Washington, and Newberg, Oregon.  They now serve homeschoolers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond through labs, TV Shows with Awesome Science Media, curriculum development, and family outdoor school programs.

In this family-friendly lab, Joel builds and tests simple electric motors. It helps if you have a solid understanding of electromagnetism before taking this lab, though it isn’t required. Together, we tackle questions like: When was the electric motor invented? How does an electromagnet drive a motor? Can a working electric motor really be made with a battery, paperclip, wire, magnet, and tape?

Learn about crab species in Oregon, study live crabs, and together in teams, dissect crabs. We find answers to questions like: Why did God make crabs? Are crabs and insects the same? What makes an arthropod? How do crabs breathe? Do crabs really “pee” on their food? Where is a crab’s heart? Why do crabs have blue blood?

In this family-friendly lab Joel builds and tests wet cell and dry cell batteries. Together, we tackle questions like: How were batteries invented? What is inside a battery? Where does the power come from? How on earth does a potato produce electricity? What is electricity? Why is a 9 Volt battery so powerful when it is smaller than a 1.5 Volt D-cell battery?

In this family-friendly lab we work to understand pH, acids, alkaline solutions, the pH scale, and their applications.These subjects are often misunderstood by both students and parents. Many families teach on pH as a science foundation, but have a limited understanding of the implications and applications of pH in life. Learn more about it!

This chemistry lab explores how energy in reactions can be released or absorbed as heat. We answer questions like: How can energy be stored? What happens when energy is released from chemical bonds? Can we see the order God built into everything through chemistry?

Megan Craig


Megan is a first-generation home-school graduate, wife to Daniel, and mother of three, along with the many other roles that come with those territories. She loves every part of her roles, but can also relate to the challenges that come with them. Megan has a great burden to carry on the heritage she has received and loves encouraging young women to stay the course, having her own not-so-distant experiences as a single gal in her parent’s home still fresh in her heart.


The Proverbs-31 woman is no lightweight. When the Lord throws you a “curve ball,” how do you respond? Is your heart anchored in Christ and ready to weather (and thrive!) through the storm? Megan shares what the Lord is teaching her about being grounded in faith, being spiritually exercised, and walking in the grace and strength of
the Lord through life’s challenges.

Pamela Gates

The Right Brain “Dianne Craft”

Pamela Gates is a Certified Learning Specialist in Dianne Craft’s  Learning System. She has 18 years’ experience working with bright,  hard-working, but struggling students. She is a popular speaker at homeschool conferences, bringing hope to families with children who struggle with learning. Pam’s workshops are filled with practical teaching strategies that parents find are easy to implement the next day. Kids will love them and begin to feel as smart as they really are! Parents find Pam’s workshops to be lighthearted and life-changing. She is also an Educational Consultant, conducting Personal Consultations and tutoring services with families in Denver, Colorado. As a homeschooling mother of six, Pam had an 8-year-old daughter with  Dyslexia who was unable to remember letter sounds or spell her name. Using unique, alternative teaching methods, her daughter overcame her dyslexia. She now has her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Development.

Learn how to “diagnose and correct” learning disabilities or just mild processing glitches. If you have a bright hardworking child who has to work too hard to learn, one or more of his four learning gates is blocked. You can easily pinpoint which ones. Learn how to be your own diagnostician using a checklist of symptoms, and learn the necessary interventions. Parents can do this at home. It doesn’t have to be so hard for your child!

Is your child a right-brain learner? Half of the population are right-brain dominant, and half are left-brain dominant. Learn to identify a right-brain child and to teach with many simple techniques, such as Right Brain Spelling and Right Brain Reading. As a bonus, understand your spouse better since we tend to marry someone of the opposite hemisphere. (God’s sense of humor!)

If you have a child who groans and fusses about writing, or still writes reversals, or spells a word orally correctly but leaves out letters when he writes, this workshop is for you! The writing learning gate is the most common gate that is blocked with gifted kids. They know so much, but just can’t get their thoughts down in writing because this learning gate is blocked.

Learn clues to your child’s brain/body chemistry. William Crook, MD, has found that over 85% of children with sensory processing disorders or attention/mood disorders when older, have experienced multiple ear infections as a young child. Untreated, these children often go on to have many hidden food allergies and asthma. It is easy to correct these imbalances at home and dramatically affect your child’s learning day.

Susan Bradrick

Christian Heritage PQC

Susan Bradrick wrote Understanding Writing, a Christ-centered, mastery-oriented English and Composition curriculum and co-teaches the Christian Heritage Homeschooling Start-to-Finish Seminar and Parent Qualifying Course. Michael and Susan Bradrick, co-founders of Christian Heritage and directors of Christian Homeschool Network (CHN), parents of nine children and fifty grandchildren (all home educated!), began homeschooling in 1981 and minister together at homeschool groups and conferences nationwide.

It’s a fact that some people don’t write well and hate to write. So, many parents avoid teaching writing to their children. But should they? Writing well is a most-important skill for every adult endeavor. Consider the excellent writing in God’s Word! Effective writing is essential for communicating God’s truth to others, so be used by God to communicate his truth yourself, and teach your children to write as well. Come learn how this is possible.

Scott LaPierre

Scott LaPierre Ministries

Scott LaPierre is the teaching pastor of Woodland Christian Church in Woodland, WA, an author, and conference speaker. He holds an MA in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. Scott and his wife, Katie, have nine children and they are passionate homeschooling advocates. Scott is a former schoolteacher and Army officer. Learn more about Pastor Scott at his website: www.scottlapierre.org.

Develop a scriptural understanding of one of our greatest stewardship assignments. Learn principles for adults to apply to their marriages, and for parents to pass along to their children. Parents, learn practical strategies to apply to your own financial management, and teach your children to grow and be prepared to handle money on their own.

Learn some practical ways to put off debt and save for the future. It’s easy to think that we don’t make enough money to pay off debt and at the same time boost our future financial outlook, but with simple strategies our money can go much further. Parents, get some helpful tools to use with your children so they will be better financial stewards.

Kennedy Voetberg

Georgie Ann

Kennedy and her husband, Deter, are parents to two little girls, Faye and Janette. Kennedy and Deter are eager to grow their family, and are passionate about home education. Kennedy is a calligrapher and watercolor artist who produces various types of artwork, such as wedding decor, greeting cards, and scripture/hymn prints. She finds great purpose in using her skills and teaching others that honor the Lord and bless others.


Learn basic painting techniques and introductory color theory, and get a watercolor reference guide for use after this workshop. Become familiar with watercolor supplies and produce a finished painting that you may display in a gallery at the CH conference. Painting experience is not required. This workshop is sufficient experience for the intermediate workshop. Limited availability. Cost of $6 per Conference Pass Add-On.

Learn watercolor basics and intermediate skills like page layout, palette selection, and varied brush techniques. Grow in your painting skills while creating a finished watercolor. Take home a guide to use after this workshop. We will display your art in a gallery to enjoy at the conference. Prior watercolor experience is required for this intermediate class, which can be the Beginning Watercolor workshop. Limited availability. Cost of $8 per Conference Pass Add-On.

Maria Booy

Treasured Moments Studio

Maria is a homeschool graduate who has always loved photography. After graduating, Maria worked diligently in growing her two businesses, photography and teaching piano. Over the past 8 years, Maria has photographed countless weddings, engagements, families, seniors, and events. Maria’s first taste of conference photography was with Lenspiration run by James Staddon. She has been the event photographer for Christian Heritage for the past 4 years covering their Conferences, Family Camp, Regional Picnics, Start to Finish Seminars, Day at the Capital, etc. Maria also co-hosted the first Music and Arts Week for the local Lewis County area. She taught children including adults photography and piano classes and helped them prepare their final projects for the showing. Maria has taken various photography classes locally and internationally. Each experience has equipped her to become the photographer she is today.

Learn aspects of photographing an indoor event (lighting, action, composition, color, location, camera settings, editing, and more). During the conference, practice these aspects with one-on-one mentoring from Maria, and send photos to the CH Marketing Team for future use. This team is best suited to aspiring photographers in the later beginner to intermediate level, with a basic understanding of their camera and settings. You need a DSLR camera, interchangeable lenses (if possible), and a computer, and you must attend both conference days. Limited availability. Cost of $50 per Conference Pass Add-On.