Please note that, by law, these standardized test results are for your information only.

  • They are to be kept in your files,
  • They are not turned in to any school authority.

Reliable Organizations Offering Testing Programs

The first three of these organizations are known to us. The is Washington State-based. Their website looks helpful, but we have no first hand experience with them.

We believe the organizations above which offer homeschool testing to be reliable and supportive of independent home education.

  • In many cases, these tests can be administered by you in your home, eliminating much of the stress of annual testing.
  • But CHRISTIAN HERITAGE does not necessarily endorse everything these organizations teach or advocate.
  • Should you find that any of these organizations are strongly encouraging parents who use their testing services to join their programs, please let us know.

Christian Heritage does not offer student testing, but many organizations do, including local support groups.


  • Many organizations offer homeschool testing ALONG WITH strong inducements to abandon independent homeschooling in favor of their FREE Government-School-at-Home Programs
    Some of these are: K-12, WAVA, Insight, and IDEA, as well as many others
  • Others encourage homeschoolers to enroll their children in non-parent-taught, On-Site or Distance Learning Academies/Programs.
  • We strongly encourage you to avoid these programs and their related testing services.