Fathers & Sons Workshop

The Example of Jesus Before His Public Ministry

Space is limited so pre-register early!

Phillip Telfer

You may be surprised to learn that the Bible teaches us seven things about Jesus between the age of 12 and when He began His public ministry. Dads and Sons alike will benefit from the example Jesus gave us. These truths provide a wonderful path for boys and young men to follow.  

Mothers and Daughters Tea

 Cultivating Servant’s Hearts in Your Kids 

Space is limited so pre-register early!

Marilyn Boyer

Jesus taught that the greatest among us would be those with a heart for service. We are living in a “me-centered” culture in which education, entertainment, advertising and peer pressure all combine to promote a life of selfishness. Marilyn has raised 8 daughters (and 6 sons) who have made service to others a priority in their day-to-day lives. Come to this workshop designed for moms and daughters as Marilyn Boyer shares with you ideas that work in designing a biblical lifestyle of service. You’ll learn how to live above self-centeredness and rise to greatness by putting others first with the added blessing of building forever memories together!

Beginner & Intermediate Balloons Workshops

All ages are welcome in these workshops!  Note: children ages 9 and under need to bring a parent to help them and parents my help multiple children.

Required supplies will be provided.  Space is limited for both workshops.

Parents do not need to register if attending with their child.

Dr. Dan Bellamy

Beginner Ballon

No matter what crazy things a balloon artist can make, kids still love to request a dog and a sword. Join us to learn basic balloon creations. In this class we will start at the beginning with balloon inflation and knots, and then learn a variety of simple sculptures from there. These simple single-balloon sculptures are practical designs that are easy to pull out in a moment and bring a smile to someone’s face. Learners of all ages are welcome in the class, but children below 9 years old will be required to have an adult help them keep up and learn the skills. Pre-registration is required. Each person must purchase a kit for $18. A package deal for both balloon workshops is available for $29. Space is limited to 40. 

Intermediate Balloon

Balloons practically plead for imagination. In the intermediate balloon class, we will begin creatively connecting multiple balloons into designs. We will assume everyone has either learned to inflate and tie balloons in the beginner class or has someone ready to help them with those starter steps. Learners of all ages are welcome in the class, but children below 9 years old will be required to have an adult help them keep up and learn the skills. Pre-registration is required per person.

Please bring your kit if you attended Workshop 1. If you did not attend Workshop 1, then you’ll need to buy both a kit and additional balloons for $25. A package deal for both balloon workshops is available for $29.  Space is limited to 40. 

Pastors & Church Leaders Workshop

How to Love the People You Lead
  • Pre – registration is required
  • No cost to register

Kevin Swanson

If there was a silver bullet to leadership, the obvious solution would be “love.” “The greatest of these” is always. . . love. How do we exemplify love? How does one love the unlovable, the resistant, the recalcitrant, and the people who don’t love you? How does love “hang in there” over the long haul? How do we restore the wayward, and comfort the downhearted? Jesus-leadership is love. Kevin Swanson speaks from 30 years of leadership experience in church and homeschooling organizations with which he has been involved. The relational church starts here, with love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.  

Music Workshops

  • Pre-registration is required
  • No cost to register
  • Ages 10+

Chris Dortignac

Creative Music Theory

Most students dread music theory classes. In this class, we will explain why theory is critical, how to understand three basics of music theory in a memorable way, and, most importantly, how to apply it to make you a better musician. Learn to properly identify and use the three components of every single song and how to apply them to create your own arrangements and songs. The attendee will learn the proper balance of melody, harmony, and rhythm, as well as how to identify and utilize:  Scales, Intervals,  Chords, and Circle of Fifths.  

Students should be at least late beginner/early intermediate.  There will be lots of useful applications for even most advanced students as well.  A piano keyboard, or whatever instrument the student is comfortable with, would be very helpful for this class.  Some of the principles will apply to all instrumentalists, but it will be primarily demonstrated on the piano. It will be geared toward pianists, but this class will teach valuable techniques for all musicians.

Pre-register since the class size is 20 students. 

Sight-Reading Techniques for Musicians  

Five tricks of the trade that professionals use when sight-reading music. Many musicians never learn to sing, but whether you sing or play an instrument, or both, you will become a better musician by learning to apply these five techniques, which are: 1. Learn to aurally identify intervals!; 2. Look over entire music and identify key, timing, speed, mode, accidentals, etc.; 3. ID melody; 4. ID rhythm; and 5. ID Harmony. 

Suitable for beginners, but probably not any younger than 10 years of age. No instruments are needed for this workshop. Pre-registration is required since class size is 25 students.