Fathers & Sons Workshop

The Power of Delight

Daniel Craig


Drawing from the Word and experience as a father and a son, Daniel Craig paints a picture to illustrate delight and how you can seek it to forge the strongest of father-son bonds. Connect with other fathers and sons on the same journey at this special workshop.

Encouragement for Ladies Workshop

Delight in Each Other

Zan Tyler

BJU Press

Having a daughter is a special gift from God. As mothers, we delight in them and take joy in our time together, but we can get caught up in to-do lists and homeschooling demands and forget to cherish one another. Zan shares how you can celebrate a mother-daughter bond and keep that relationship rich and vibrant. For moms and their daughters ages 12+

Watercolor Art Workshops

Art Workshop with Kennedy Voetberg
  • Pre – registration is required
  • Beginner workshop
    • Appropriate for ages 7 years and older
    • Cost per individual is $6
  • Intermediate workshop
    • Appropriate for ages 9 years and older
    • Cost per individual is $8

Kennedy Voetberg

Learn basic painting techniques and color theory at the beginner level and intermediate level that include page layout, palette, and brush techniques. Space is limited, so pre-register early! Two workshops for each level are limited to twenty in a workshop.

Intermediate level must have beginner knowledge of watercolor.

Pastors & Church Leaders Workshop

Church in Relationship to State in the Post-COVID Age
  • Pre – registration is required
  • No cost to register

Unprecedented suffering in the church followed March 2020. Jurisdictional boundaries established in the Word of God and the founding documents of our country, give us a source of wisdom needed to protect the church of Jesus Christ in the days ahead. Enjoy light refreshments.

Event Photography Team

  • Pre – registration is required
  • $50 per person

Maria Booy

Learn aspects of photographing an event (lighting, action, composition, color, editing, and more) with Maria’s group instruction and one-on-one mentoring. Share your photos with CH. See ChristianHeritageWa.org for required equipment and required attendance. Space is limited to 15 so pre-register early!