Our positive presence at the Capitol is very important

in preserving our homeschool freedoms!

Prepare Yourself for the Day at the Capitol:

Why Should You Attend the Day at the Capitol?

1. To let your homeschooling family shine its light before the legislators and government workers of this state:

  • Coming to Homeschool Day at the Capitol gives state workers an opportunity to see and meet real homeschooling families, and that is important.
  • If people working in our government never meet homeschoolers, it is difficult for them to relate to us as real people with genuine concerns.

2. To bring a blessing to those who serve us in our state government:

  • Hardworking legislators are at work in Olympia before, during, and after the close of each legislative session.
  • The Bible tells us that they are appointed by God to govern us.
  • And whether we agree with our representatives on all their decisions or not, it is important for us to show Christian love to them and express to them our sincere appreciation for all they do.

3. To briefly share your joys and concerns:

  • Our legislators need to meet and visit with honoring, polite, interested homeschooling families to hear how homeschooling is benefiting their families.
  • They also need to visit with homeschoolers to learn their concerns and know how best to represent them.
  • See the section below for tips on meeting and visiting with your legislators.

4. To learn more about the workings of our legislature:

  • Homeschool Day Tours of the Capitol (in Washington State called the Legislative Building) give families a close up look at the historical and present-day seat of state government.
  • You will also get a glimpse of government workings in progress.
  • But remember, if you do at least a brief study or review of Washington government before you arrive, your family will benefit even more from this valuable experience.

5. To learn more about the Christian Homeschool Network and the crucial, behind-the-scenes work this organization continually does to safeguard our freedoms to homeschool in this state.

  • They will be giving a brief presentation on their work during the Homeschool Day at the Capitol.
  • But you can also check the Christian Homeschool Network website now for information about how this valuable organization is working for you in Olympia.
  • These legislators work tirelessly and sacrificially for our benefit.
  • So, because freedom isn’t free—it takes lots of time, energy, and financial resources to maintain it—and because the laborer is worthy of his hire (Luke 10:7), please seriously consider contributing to the vital ministry of Christian Homeschool Network of Washington.