Thursday, September 2nd

  • 3:00-5:00pm – Check In

  • 5:00-5:45pm – Dinner

  • 6:15pm – 1st Session

Persecuted for his faith in 1972, Vanya was a Christian in the USSR army. He was martyred very young, but his story reminds us that God is faithful to use the lives of his servants to make His power and truth and grace known! 

  • 8:00-9:30pm – Fellowship Time / Board Games / Free Time

Friday, September 3rd

  • 7:45-8:30am Breakfast

  • 9:00am – 2nd Session

Known as the founder of China Inland Mission, Taylor’s life was touched by the Lord through commitment and conviction though the results would remain unknown. This presentation calls people to personal dedication to the Lord first and to reach the nations secondly. 

This message calls us to listen to, read, study, memorize, meditate on, and apply God’s Word.  (Selected Scriptures)

  • 10:45-12:30pm Activities / Free Time

  • 12:30-1:15pm – Lunch

  • 1:30-4:30pm – Activities / Free Time

  • 5:00-5:45pm – Dinner

  • 6:15pm – 3rd Session

The first foreign missionary from the United States had a godly upbringing but was led astray through humanistic, rational thinking. God quickly impressed upon Adoniram His reality and led this man to take up an unforgettable cross that led to disease, death, and imprisonment, and the salvation of thousands in what is Miramar today.  The take away from his story is that the followers of the Lord must take up a cross which includes expectations. The Lord knows how and when to do His work in our lives, and He sees better than we do. 

In a day when the term “worship” means many different things to different people, we want to see what Christ Himself says about worship.  (John 4:25) 

  • 8:30-10:00pm – Fellowship Time / Free Time

Saturday, September 4th

  • 7:45-8:30am Breakfast

  • 9:00am – 4th Session

 A lover of baseball, Sunday’s life was changed when he began to see the eternal things as valuable! Known to be a great evangelist, Billy’s story calls us to be evangelists despite the hedonistic atmosphere around us and points out that God uses all of our positions and gifts to make His Word known. 

We know this is a command that all of us should be obeying, but it’s important to know HOW to present the Gospel to people in our rapidly-changing America.  (Acts 17) 

  • 10:45-12:30pm Activities / Free Time

  • 12:30-1:15pm – Lunch

  • 1:30pm – Special Encouragement for Mom’s

  • 1:30-4:30pm – Activities / Free Time

  • 5:00-5:45pm – Dinner

  • 6:15pm – 5th Session

Our culture doesn’t tend to think much of “servants,” but our Lord forever elevated the role of a servant when He chose to come and serve mankind.  (Mark 10:45; Selected Scriptures) 

  • 8:00-10:00pm – Fellowship Time / Free Time

Sunday, September 5th

  • 8:30-9:15am – Breakfast

  • 9:15-10:15 – Pack Up (Out of cabins by 10am)


  • 10:00am – Sunday (Worship Service)

As the world seems to be changing and crashing down all around us, we must turn to God for HIS answer to the worry or fear which might try to overwhelm us (Proverbs 3:5-6).

  • 11:15-11:30 – Closing Announcements and Thanks for Coming

  • 11:30-12:30pm – Free Time / Pack Up / Fellowship

  • 12:30pm – Lunch

  • 12:30-3pm – Families Welcome to hang out and fellowship.

  • 3:00pm – All families must depart the BLBC Premises