When a Free Lunch Isn’t Free



“Hi, we are the local government school district and we are here to help you, to give you a free education for your children at home.” Does this positively grab you and comfort you that now all your money and self-doubt worries are over? Or does it send shivers up your spine with visions of Big Brother? It is of paramount importance for everyone to consider who should be in authority over what is taught to the minds and hearts of children. Both the concept of a democratic republic such as the United States and a Judeo-Christian worldview demand that parents and private, thoughtfully-chosen associations be the only educators. Dr. Ray will challenge you to think through this issue and consider questions such as, Should one person take from another, with the government’s help, to educate his or her own children? Shouldn’t we as Christians care about those less fortunate and back up the government’s benevolent hands? This has emerged as one of the most important issues with which homeschoolers must grapple during the early 2000s.

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