The Sanctifying Fatherhood of Job




One of the oldest books in the Bible opens with a picture of a father managing his household well. It begins with a disclosure of Job?s character, and then immediately shifts to his practices as a father. We do not know exactly why these particular actions are singled out in the introduction of the book, but they showcase at least some of Job?s fatherhood practices. They are helpful to us because they display the specific lifestyle patterns of a man of integrity.
In Job chapter one, the union of personal integrity and fatherhood is displayed.
I am sure that the example of godly fatherhood that Job gives here does not reveal the full extent of his good work as a father, but what is revealed is helpful in defining for us some of the elements of exemplary fatherhood that all men should seek to emulate.
Job dealt with sin in his family. Yes, there are many distinguishing marks of Job?s fatherhood. The lessons from his trials are very moving.

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