Teaching Your Children with Your Grandchildren in Mind




It is surprising how many homeschool kids aren’t sure whether or not they are going to educate their own children at home. It is even more surprising that some are sure they won’t. Further examination usually reveals a complete lack of any theological or philosophical reflection on the topic. Their parents simply did what was best for them at the moment; not what was best, period. In this session, we will examine key theological and philosophical motivations for home education, and how to pass these on to our children. Do your children know why you homeschool? Do you? Do they have a ‘big picture’ perspective on the impact home education can have on our culture for the sake of the Kingdom? Do they understand what government education has done to the culture at large—or that it has been intentional? Are they thinking about ways their marriage, education, and career choices will impact the education and discipleship of their children? We will look at the way our approach to educating our children figures into the scenario, and the kinds of things we need to encourage our children to invest in now so that they can invest in their children in the future.

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