Lot, the Worldly Father




As we survey the Scriptures, we find that the protection of daughters reached a low point in Lot?s household in Sodom. There are times in history that are better or worse for daughters, and this slice of history was one of the low watermarks. This story illustrates Lot?s devastating syncretism in Sodom. On display is his failure to protect his daughters. While the protection of Lot?s daughters is only one of many themes in the narrative, what is described here gives us a vivid and startling example of what lack of protection by a father looks like and helps us to understand how a father, through poor choices, can abdicate his responsibility bit by bit, resulting in grave peril to his daughters.
For we who are living in ?Sodom,? this should cause us to ask ourselves several questions, one of which is, ?What pressures are there in our culture that would cause us to withdraw protection from our daughters and leave them vulnerable?

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