Hope Lies in Standing on the Authority of Scripture




Most people have the erroneous idea that the Bible is just a book of religion, morality and salvation. But the Bible is much more: it?s also a book of history, and deals with the ?big picture? aspects of every area of reality, including geology, astronomy, biology, anthropology, physics, chemistry and so on.

The key to developing a Christian world-view and rebuilding the Biblical foundation that has been so undermined in our culture, is to use the Bible?s history?encompassing geology, astronomy, biology, etc.?as a pair of Biblical glasses. The Bible?s history can be used to connect the past to the present, and that enables us to correctly interpret the scientific evidence of the present so we can then use observational science to confirm the Biblical interpretation. This same foundation of history is also foundation to understanding of the Gospel, Christian morality, etc.

Moral issues such as abortion, gay marriage and so on are all a part of this discussion. Learn the foundational reasons as to why we see the decline of Christianity and the collapse of Christian morality in this culture ? and how to deal with this.

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