Fathers Who Help Their Children Get Married




The story of Genesis 24 is a wonderful example of godly family life. As a visionary father, Abraham determines the criteria for the selection of the wife for his son Isaac, and he dispatches his most trusted servant to find her. He is comforted by the fact that God Almighty is with him and will guide his servant in this journey. Abraham knows that his Father in heaven will send an angel to help his servant find a wife for his son.
Not only do we see a father helping his son get married, but we also see God deploying an angel to make sure that all goes according to His will. Perhaps this is another way God is showing us how important marriage is to His plan. In Scripture, angels only show up in narratives at important times.
Notice the vision, the trust in God, and the exemplary plan in the heart of a father. Observe the submissiveness of the son toward the judgments and plans of his father.

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