*2016 Annual Conference Full Set (CD, MP3 CD or Download)*




64 messages from the 2016 Christian Heritage Homeschooling & Family Discipleship Conference. Select CD format (73 individual CD’s), MP3 CD format (two CD’s with 73 MP3 files) or Downloadable format.

16-01 Be Courageous in Building Convictions in Your Children – Keynote – Dr. Joel Beeke
16-02 The Heart of the Gospel – Keynote – Paul Washer
16-03 Biblical Tests of True Faith – Keynote – Paul Washer
16-04 Keep Running the Race of Righteousness to the End – Keynote – Dr. Joel Beeke
16-101 Five Reasons for Spiritual Apathy in Teens: And What Parents Can Do To Help – Dr. Rob Rienow
16-102 The Revelation Generation: Preparing Your Children for the Days to Come – Chuck Black
16-103 Micro Business for Teenagers, Part 1: Starting a Micro Business – Carol Topp
16-104 The Pastor’s Role in Equipping the Church in Family Discipleship – Pastors’ Luncheon – Dr. Joel Beeke, Paul Washer and Pastor Craig Houston
16-105 Let the Historians Debate: How Ignorance of History Destroys Society – Douglas Bond
16-106 General Finance Being Debt-free and Savings – Alex Michael
16-107 Defeating Atheism with Science – Spike Psarris
16-108 Finding the Perfect Job – Gary Powers
16-109 Why it Is Essential That Children Understand Mathematics – James Nickel
16-110 Homeschool Families: Know Your Rights! – Jason Overstreet and Rick Hole
16-201 Training Young Men for Ministry – Paul Washer
16-202 Never Too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Older/Adult Children – Dr. Rob Rienow
16-203 Micro Business for Teenagers, Part 2: Money and Taxes – Carol Topp
16-204 Call to Arms: The Guts and Glory of Courageous Fatherhood – Chuck Black
16-205 Truth, Lies and Evolution – Paul Taylor
16-206 Tips and Ideas to Homeschool Your Children on a Budget – Cassie Michael
16-207 Exploring Options for Your Future – Panel Discussion
16-208 Nutrition and Early Brain Development: An Understanding of How Nutrition Guides Proper Brain Development – Dr. Jeremy Fritz
16-209 Homeschooling Preschoolers – Susan Bradrick
16-210 The Forgotten Secret to a Good Long Life – Daniel Craig
16-211 The Four Pillars: Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation – Rebecca Small
16-301 Where Birds Eat Horses: The Language of Evolution – Paul Taylor
16-302 God’s Recipe for a Happy Marriage – Dr. Joel Beeke
16-303 Bullies or Buddies: Teen Relationships and how Adults Can Serve Them – Mary Beeke
16-304 Autism Spectrum Disorders as a Functional Disconnection Syndrome – Dr. Jeremy Fritz
16-305 Family Worship: The Engine that Powers Your Family – Dr. Rob Rienow
16-306 Being Hospitable on a Budget/Serving the Body of Christ – Cassie Michael
16-307 Poetry for a Post-Poetry World – Douglas Bond
16-308 Foundations for Courtship – David Eddy
16-309 Fun Learning vs. Ho Hum Learning – Ways to Make Your Homeschooling Come Alive – Susan Bradrick
16-310 How to Teach Algebra and Geometry from a Biblical Perspective – James Nickel
16-311 Give Yourself a Break: You Won’t Do It Perfectly – Rebecca Small
16-401 How to Manage Anger – Dr. Joel Beeke
16-402 Raising Up Boys and Girls Who Can Be Missionaries – Paul Washer
16-403 Cultivating Kindness in Children – Mary Beeke
16-404 How You (or Your Child) Can Become a Published Author – Carol Topp
16-405 Preparing Now to Reach Your Great-Grandchildren for Christ – Dr. Rob Rienow
16-406 Deconstructing Dawkins – Paul Taylor
16-407 Writing With C.S. Lewis (and other greats) – Douglas Bond
16-408 How to Set Up a Business Web Site – Alex Michael
16-409 Meeting the Challenges of Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities: Brain-Based Techniques – Dr. Jeremy Fritz
16-410 Let’s Start Right: The Basics of the Christian World View – James Nickel
16-411 Dissection Lab – The Beat Goes On: The Heart and Your Circulatory System, Session #1 – Dr. Lainne Callentine
16-412 How to Discern Books, Plays, Movies, etc. – Rebecca Small
16-501 Understanding our “Disconnected Kids” from a Brain-Based Perspective – Dr. Jeremy Fritz
16-502 Moral Purity – Paul Washer
16-503 Career Exploration for Homeschool High School Students – Carol Topp
16-504 Our Created Universe – Spike Psarris
16-505 Escapism: Avoiding the Snares of Media – Chuck Black
16-506 No Compromise – Paul Taylor
16-507 Why Every Christian Must Know History – Douglas Bond
16-508 Excellence – Gary Powers
16-509 Principled Leadership: Standing for Truth in a Pragmatic Culture – Jason Overstreet
16-510 The Nature of Created Reality and the Nature of Mathematics – James Nickel
16-511 Dissection Lab – The Beat Goes On: The Heart and Your Circulatory System, Session #2 – Dr. Lainne Callentine
16-512 Homeschooling Through High School – You Can Do It! – Susan Bradrick
16-601 A Tale of Two Fathers: How God Can Use Repentance To Transform Your Family – Dr. Rob Rienow
16-602 How families Should Cope in Affliction – Dr. Joel Beeke
16-603 The Kind Wife – Mary Beeke
16-604 The Power of the Parable: Getting Young People Excited About Seeking Truth – Chuck Black
16-605 Early Development of the Brain: How Primitive Reflexes Form the Foundation of Learning – Dr. Jeremy Fritz
16-606 Our Created Stars and Galaxies – Spike Psarris
16-607 Refuse to Be A Victim – Mikki Cowles
16-608 Little by Little – Gary Powers
16-609 Harmonizing the Church and the Home Educating Family – David Eddy
16-610 General Frugal Homemaking – Cassie Michael
16-611 Dissection Lab – The Beat Goes On: The Heart and Your Circulatory System, Session #3 – Dr. Lainne Callentine
16-612 How to Increase Learning by the Sweetness of the Lips – Rebecca Small

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