*2015 Annual Conference Full Set (CD, MP3 CD or Download)*




55 messages from the 2015 Christian Heritage Homeschooling & Family Discipleship Conference. Select CD format (55 individual CD’s), MP3 CD format (two CD’s with 55 MP3 files) or Downloadable format.

15-01 Getting the Gospel Right – Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr.
15-02 Expository Apologetics Preparing Our Children to Answer – Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr.
15-04 Culture Wars How They Affect the Homeschool Family – Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr.
15-102 Jurassic Park or Jesus Who Knows More – Carl Kerby, Sr.
15-104 Church and Home Synergy in Discipleship Pastors Luncheon – Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr.
15-105 The Missing Links The 4 Stages of Leading Managing or Parenting – Steve Riddell
15-106 Successfully Running Any Business – Curtis Bowers
15-107 Drivers Ed for the World Wide Web – Phillip Telfer
15-108 De Cluttering The First Steps to Organization – Erika Shupe
15-109 Teaching Life Lessons Through Chess – Elliott Neff
15-110 Homeschool Families-Know Your Rights – Joseph Backholm – Scott & Dianna Brannan
15-201 Thriving in Babylon How to Live as a Godly Family in a Pagan Culture – Phillip Telfer
15-202 Fossils Friend or Foe – Carl Kerby, Sr.
15-203 The Job Hunters Dilemma Land a Career – Steve Riddell
15-204 Miley Cyrus Jesus and Me – Daniel Craig
15-205 Lost Secrets of the Ancient Civilizations – Mike Snavely
15-206 Guerrilla Documentary Filmmaking for the Glory of God – Colin Gunn
15-207 Integrating Daughters Into Your Lifes Work – Curtis Bowers
15-208 Young Man Keep Your Life Pure – Tim Champ
15-210 Beyond Good Behavior Parenting and the Gospel of Grace – Monty Simao
15-301 The Hunter and the Hunted – Mike Snavely
15-304 Media Choices Convictions or Compromise – Phillip Telfer
15-305 Becoming Bold – Carl Kerby, Sr.
15-306 Sorry That Does Not Compute – Chris Zimmerman
15-307 Masters of Deceit The Issue is Never the Issue – Curtis Bowers
15-308 Fit to Burst the Joys of Motherhood – Rachel Jankovic
15-309 Why You Need to Teach Geology Again and Again and How – Patrick Nurre
15-310 Choosing Curriculum That Fits YOUR Family – Susan Bradrick
15-401 The Wisdom of Proverbs – Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr.
15-402 Real World Evangelism Air Traffic Control – Carl Kerby, Sr.
15-404 Large Families On Budgets Making More Out of Less – Erika Shupe
15-405 A Call to Honor God through Space Exploration – Dr. Kamesh Sankaran
15-406 Creative Solutions to Obamcare – Colin Gunn
15-407 Follow Your Heart and other Deceptive Messages – Phillip Telfer
15-408 Spiders – Mike Snavely
15-409 Study Smarter Not Harder – Dr. Todd Wylie
15-410 The Journey of Adoption – Eric and Kaery Dudenhofer
15-501 Secrets to Developing Personal Competency – Steve Riddell
15-503 Religion and Politics Civil Authority and Christian Responsibility Panel – Panel Discussion
15-504 Do Something How to Engage Life for the Glory of God – Daniel Craig
15-505 The Horror of the Flood – Mike Snavely
15-506 What’s all the Buzz About Bees – Richard Turanski
15-507 Loving the Little Years Motherhood in the Trenches – Rachel Jankovic
15-508 Vehicle Maintenance Teaching Stewardship and Building Relationships – Kirk VanGelder
15-509 Is Homeschooling a Struggle – Dr. Todd Wylie
15-510 Homeschooling Through High School – Susan Bradrick
15-601 Dads Its Time – Carl Kerby, Sr.
15-604 Want to Know How and Why Learn Physics – Dr. Kamesh Sankaran
15-605 Business in a Box Principles of Starting a Business – Steve Riddell
15-606 Protecting Your Family from Predators – Bryan Elliott
15-607 Finding Green Pastures in the Digital Age – Phillip Telfer
15-608 The Stricken Earth – Mike Snavely
15-609 Egyptian Chronology and the Bible – Patrick Nurre
15-610 Read Read Read Aloud Aloud Aloud – Rebecca Small

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