2010 Father and Son Retreat Set



“Building a Generation of Courageous Warriors”

CD’s sold as set only: $20, CD case included

Paul Renfro, Houston, TX –

  • A Courageous Warrior Must: 1) Trust His Commander, and 2) Understand that Every Warrior Is Significant
  • A Courageous Warrior Must: 3) Understand the Enemy, 4) Be Trained and Disciplined, and 5) Follow Orders Immediately and Unquestioningly
  • A Courageous Warrior Must: 6) Not Be Distracted from His Main Mission, and 7) Be Willing to Sacrifice for the Sake of the Mission
  • A Courageous Warrior Must: 8) Fight with Confidence that Victory Is Sure

About Paul Renfro

Paul Renfro, a man with a shepherd’s heart, is a committed discipler of men for God’s glory and the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He traveled the
world ministering with Athletes in Action before pastoring churches in Ohio and
Texas. His passion is to encourage church leaders in equipping men Biblically and expecting them to step into their God-given
role as family shepherds. Paul and his wife, Laurie, have been married over 20 years,
have two sons and two daughters, and are committed home educators.

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