2005 Mother and Daughter Tea Set



“The Hidden Ministries of Godly Womanhood”

Sold as set only: $20, CD case included

  • ”Tea & Tea Etiquette” – Rachel Roth
  • ”Reflecting the Beauty of Christ” – Susan & Katherine Bradrick
    Encouragement in the God-designed role of reflecting the beauty of Christ in our home, dress, demeanor, service, decor… while keeping all things in Biblical balance.
  • ”Delighting in God’s Gift of Femininity” – A discussion especially for little ladies – Kristen Bradrick:
    Inspiration for young ladies to embrace their God-given femininity and to express their delight in the beautiful role of womanhood.
  • ”Demonstrating Christ’s Love Through Hospitality” – Amy Ellen Bradrick
    A woman’s calling is to minister God’s love through her home to those within its doors as well as those without. Ways to make your home a wellspring of ministry, a haven of comfort.
  • ”Ministering to the Men in Your Life” – Mary & Annalisa Craig
    How wives and daughters, mothers and sisters can be the best confidants, counselors, comforters, and loving support to the men – and men to be – in their homes.
  • ”A Silent Sermon: Proclaiming God’s Trustworthiness Through A Life of Faith” – Susan & Cecily Bradrick
    Exploring each woman’s unique opportunity to build a shining testimony through her day to day walk of faith.
  • A Manual for Godly Womanhood” – Susan Bradrick
    Discovering the most powerful Book for learning with your daughters how to become a woman who is “precious in the sight of God.” Study suggestions for applying this teaching in all areas of your lives.

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